Suhail Kumar


Hi! My name is Suhail Kumar, and I am an Indian-American actor/artist currently based in Manhattan. I am originally from the Bay Area, and have just graduated as a part of Syracuse University's class of 2023 with my B.F.A. in Acting. I love playing and watching basketball, and am a huge Golden State Warriors fan. You can often catch me screaming at my TV as if the players on the court can hear me. I also love cooking, skiing, and unecessarily abbreviating words. 

As a child of immigrants from India, I was immersed in culture from the day I was born, and taught from a young age to value and respect my heritage and traditions. It is my goal to bring representation to the South Asian community in the entertainment industry! 

Participating in cultural shows such as The Raymayana and The Partition were eye-opening experiences for me. They showed me the beauty and importance of cultural theater, and motivated me to make it a focus of mine as I begin my career as an artist. I want to put the stories I grew up hearing from my Mother and Grandmother on stage for the world to enjoy and appreciate as I did. 

My favorite costume I've ever worn! I love you Steph Curry.

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